I am your average woman living in Suburbia and trying to make the most out of life.  I am a mother of three and wife to a great husband, and, like most people, I have a bagful of issues.  Most of my issues center around being self-conscious and worrying too much about how I am perceived.  I have turned into a prude, and I’m not proud.  So this is my humble attempt to spice things up.  Why blog about it you ask?  Because I’m hoping that by blogging I will feel a sense of responsibility to actually follow through.  Here’s hoping it works.


3 Responses to “About Me”


    Most men cannot understand what sexual abuse does to a woman’s mind…or what giving birth can do to a woman’s body, as well.

    Your husband will NEVER understand…u need to proceed with whatever is best 4 u.

    • kamawoman said

      Cindy, thanks for your input. I agree that my husband will never fully understand, but I hope that this will help me get to the point where I at least feel comfortable expressing my thoughts and feelings to him. I think that’s truly what this is about is my comfort level. I want to be comfortable enough to say that I want and like sex. I also want to be comfortable enough to tell him when he’s pushing a boundary for me and, more importantly, be able to explain why. I usually just shut down! Definitely going to take some time.

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