Well, I’ll be damned; my juices are certainly flowing today.  I think having the knowledge that at some point I’m going to jump my husband’s bones has fueled my low-burning passions.  Even though I was preoccupied with going to work, feeling sick, a dead car battery, a baby with an ear infection, helping my eight-year old study for a test, and the crankiest/whiniest four-year old to breathe, something got my libido going today.  I even surprised my husband with a huge kiss after work.  Okay, none of you know me so let me just say that kissing is a huge accomplishment and initiating  a kiss…hell, wanting to kiss is megahuge.  No, there wasn’t anything other than a kiss.  But it was a nice, heated kiss with a little ass grab and a wee bit of necking.   A hint of what’s to come.  So I guess we do have foreplay–it’s just extremely drawn out.  Why no sex if I’m so horny?  Well, because we’re going on a fourteen-hour day.  I’m typing this during a brief lull while my husband goes to get the baby’s medication from the local pharmacy (he was kind enough to take child #2 and #3) and child #1 enjoys his last minutes of television before bath time.  The hubby and I are running on about four hours of sleep, and I’m sure tonight will be another rough night with the baby.  This is NOT me making excuses or procrastinating.  I just know that I can’t really enjoy sex if I’m not in the moment and I won’t be in the moment if all I want is sleep.  Is this another one of those things that makes men and women so different or is it just me?


Day 1

October 6, 2010

I’ve had three days away from work as I’ve been sick with the flu.  The first two days consisted of my being completely ill and feeling like absolute crud.  Today, however, began my journey into “loosening up.”  So I started this blog and am now ready to research the Kama Sutra.  Funnily enough, I feel nervous and guilty even thinking of typing into my search engine.  How many hits for porn will I get?  Okay, this may be more pathetic than funny.  My husband thinks that I’m a nut job…overthinking and planning instead of just going with the flow.  I’m sure he’s wondering, “Why can’t we just get naked?”  Hell, I wonder that myself, but it’s never worked before so here I am onto Plan B.  Can you tell that I’m procrastinating and putting off the inevitable “kama” search.  Oh hell.  Time to Bing it.