Well, I’ll be damned; my juices are certainly flowing today.  I think having the knowledge that at some point I’m going to jump my husband’s bones has fueled my low-burning passions.  Even though I was preoccupied with going to work, feeling sick, a dead car battery, a baby with an ear infection, helping my eight-year old study for a test, and the crankiest/whiniest four-year old to breathe, something got my libido going today.  I even surprised my husband with a huge kiss after work.  Okay, none of you know me so let me just say that kissing is a huge accomplishment and initiating  a kiss…hell, wanting to kiss is megahuge.  No, there wasn’t anything other than a kiss.  But it was a nice, heated kiss with a little ass grab and a wee bit of necking.   A hint of what’s to come.  So I guess we do have foreplay–it’s just extremely drawn out.  Why no sex if I’m so horny?  Well, because we’re going on a fourteen-hour day.  I’m typing this during a brief lull while my husband goes to get the baby’s medication from the local pharmacy (he was kind enough to take child #2 and #3) and child #1 enjoys his last minutes of television before bath time.  The hubby and I are running on about four hours of sleep, and I’m sure tonight will be another rough night with the baby.  This is NOT me making excuses or procrastinating.  I just know that I can’t really enjoy sex if I’m not in the moment and I won’t be in the moment if all I want is sleep.  Is this another one of those things that makes men and women so different or is it just me?


Lisa Rinna’s New Lips

October 6, 2010

Okay, I know this is completely unrelated to my life, but I saw an article online about Lisa Rinna’s new lips.  Is it just me or did she look better before?  And how bad am I that my first thought was to wonder if her skills on giving a BJ would diminish with her lip size.  Sex is invading my thought process and I think I like it.